The Moto


one timeless jacket. 

Its always been my design mission to create pieces that function as a grab, throw on, look fab and go style!

I want to do the work for you, so you look cute just like that. My inspiration behind designing the &nicole Moto jacket started simply because I love them. Outerwear has always been a passion of mine. So I was always on the hunt for the perfect Moto. In that time I found there were two options…

  1. Buy a faux leather jacket at H&M or Zara, which would still run me over a hundred dollars and for the quality…ahhh not worth it!
  2. Seriously invest. All designer fit leather jackets I found were priced at $700 plus! Wow now!

Let’s be honest, that's NOT in my budget. So I thought, why don’t I just make my own?

Then, I made it my duty to manufacture a Moto jacket that could fit every body type perfectly, made in the finest Italian lamb leather, with attention to quality in every detail and of course at a price that felt honest. The &nicole Moto will run you $450 before taxes. A price that gets you a  jacket that can last a lifestyle. A solid investment for such a timeless piece. 


all in the details. 

I stand behind my design. I’ve seen the jacket on all shapes and sizes, and every time my heart is so full by the customer's reaction. The first compliment is always about the leather. Its seriously the softest! Nappa lamb leather was originally manufactured for hand gloves. So not only are the jackets soft, they are flexible, moldable and self correcting. I mean, not even a red wine stain lasts. You simply scratch gently with your nails, then rub out the spot with the natural oils from your hands. Its serious magic!

Next, they rave about the fit. Its usually, “it fits like a glove!” Thats right, because its the perfect leather, cut with my tailor made pattern. Another highlight are the felt lined pockets. My hands are always cold so this wearable detail was a must for function. In creating the perfect Moto, I decided to remove the zipper detail on the sleeves, which most classic Moto jackets have. I wanted to create a softer more feminine version of this edgy jacket. But really, I just hate when I'm working at a desk and the zippers bang or rattle on the table. There are also a pair of light weight shoulder pads that I added for structure. All these details are the pieces of a true labor of love. 

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Natalia Cuevas