Desert Flower



I chose a floral print for our Moto jacket lining because it adds a softness to a classic edgy look. Oh sure flowers are pretty to look at, but what they represent is far more interesting. Wildflowers are a lot like cactus, they’re resistant and free spirited. Uncultivated by the mainstream. Bravely growing wild and free in places like Joshua Tree.

When I visited the park for the first time back in 2014 I was impressed with the abundance of plant life in the Mojave. Sage colored shrubs and golden evening Primrose were a couple of my favorites. A place where the average annual precipitation is just around five inches, every bloom cycle is unique. Last year everyone was going nuts over this super growth of wildflowers in certain areas of California, better known as the Super Bloom on social media. If you’ve lived in California for the past ten years you’ve experienced the drought first hand, this bloom was a nice change from our typical dry arid landscapes.  But I’m getting away from myself here...because it wasn’t the super bloom that inspired the lining, it was the shrubbery that rests in the desert year around, these are what they call desert flowers. Shrub flowers, dried and in perfect form. 

I was inspired by their rich colors, by the way they grow between rocks or freely in open terrain. Are they dead or alive? They prick you like cactus, but are too pretty not to gather into a perfect bouquet. These flowers epitomize the realm of fantasy in the desert and I wanted to remember their beauty. So I found the perfect desert flower print and paired it with one bad ass Moto. 

Natalia CuevasComment