Baby Russell


We're excited to announce our most recent collaboration with mama to be, Karla Russell. She said, I could probably find something online but I know you'll make something better. I must admit, I love a challenge but I've never worked with a baby bump before. I knew I had to make something that hugged her curves, something that highlighted the beauty of carrying your child.

After we deliberated a design and agreed on a silhouette, I set out to tackle the task of finding the perfect fabric. We purchased this heavy viscose jersey from Michael Levine, regularly $6.50 but on sale for $2/yard! I only bought four yards, I should have bought six because I had to be very strategic when I draped, which was a little stressful, like don't run out of fabric you still have to make the sleeves! I cut the four yards into an equal two panels and started draping directly on Karla. Mama's feet started hurting, but I found that closing the front seam worked easier with her seated, so we both managed just fine. 

Creating this one of a kind maternity dress for my dear friend made me feel so accomplished, I had so much fun, and she loved it.  She looks absolutely beautiful in her dress  and she's glowing in these photos! Then she throws on her And Nicole Moto jacket, she looks so daring and effortless. Todd, we see you. 

I'm truly honored to have been part of this moment the Russell's will remember for a lifetime. I can't wait to meet their baby boy! 

Natalia Cuevas